The Sports Performance Data & Fan Engagement Summit, London 2018 is a part of the Sports Innovation Network.

The Sports Innovation Network is the fastest growing network for leaders, innovators, coaches, research institutions, media bodies and commercial decision makers working in or connected with sport, from elite to grass roots.

We adopt a unique approach, combining heavily researched, content driven seminars with interactive demonstration, live game-play, solution testing and networking events. Through the power of our network we are able to harness the very latest and most cutting edge research and insight. This, combined with our exceptional training and research centre ensures we only produce world class, content driven, innovation focussed agendas.

Our principle objective is to deliver high value, practical and technical information to provide a highly focussed agenda with exceptional levels of detail. We take great pride in our content as it establishes the foundations upon which our events are built.

We realise that the conference world is evolving and no longer see events existing within the constraints of the dates they are set. Each event is part of a wider project; the information, relationships, research and insights are an ongoing process between our communities.